Lecture notes

Lecture notes and suggested tutorial work for James Forder’s lectures.

Lecture Notes

First two lectures: In economists’ advocacy of central bank independence, there has been an intellectual debacle of giant proportions. Go ahead and quote me, if you dare. The way the case for independence was made in the academic literature is a professional disgrace. Here’s why: Forder – Economists’ case for central bank independence

Additional comment on Rogoff 1985 and Walsh 1995 following questions in a lecture: Additional note on Rogoff and Walsh

Third one: There are a staggering number of arguments about the optimal rate of inflation and a consideration of their range and the range of tones of argument too is nearly as interesting as their content. That’s what I think, anyway: Forder – Optimal rate of inflation

Fourth one: Well, its the end of term and so time to start asking ‘What is money, anyway?’ Forder – The fundamental nature of money

Bonus on the ‘stone money’ of Yap: Stone money

Lecture on evidence concerning central bank independence (lecture not given after 2015): Central bank independence – evidence

Suggested reading, essay questions, etc

essay topic – Central bank independence

essay topic – The optimal rate of inflation

essay topic – The nature of money


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